Dumpster Rental Sizes: Understanding Which Is Best for You

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Any time you’re planning a large gathering or event, the cleanup is always one of the more difficult tasks. The more people you have at the event, the more cleaning you’ll need to do. However, if you can get everyone to throw out their trash and use one receptacle to gather it all, you can save yourself a lot of trouble. That’s where dumpster rental comes in, though you’ll need to understand which size is the right one for the job.

Why Rent a Dumpster?

To start, renting a dumpster isn’t just about getting all the garbage in one spot; it can really help you manage trash and helps with getting rid of it at the end. A dumpster is great as you can offload all the trash in one swoop and get it all out of your area quickly. It really makes cleaning easy in comparison with a lot of smaller bins that you need to carry one at a time.

How To Rent a Dumpster

If you’re planning an event or project that will require a dumpster, you’ll first want to know how to rent one. It’s not complex, but there’s a process you should follow to avoid any big mistakes or problems down the line.

Plan Your Event

The first thing you should do is plan the event or project that you’ll need the dumpster for. This is important because the details of the event will heavily shape what you need to rent. From the number of people and the food you’ll serve at a party to the construction materials and demolition when running a construction project, the factors of your plan will impact what dumpster you need.

Predict Garbage Amount

Once you have a good handle on the event and an estimate of what you’ll need, you can plan for the garbage the event will produce. A great example of this would be catering, as you can predict how much food waste there’ll be from the amount of food you order for the event.

Call the Company

The next step for renting your dumpster is finding and calling a company that can bring you a dumpster for your event. Look for local places with positive online reviews and give them a call about renting their dumpsters. They’ll likely ask about the date of the event, the length of time of the rental, and the size of the dumpster you’re looking for.

Ask the Right Questions

The next and last step of renting from a company is asking them the questions you need answers to before you rent. Things like their specific rules for the dumpster, how they’ll send it to you, and how you can return it to them are all crucial. Each company uses different systems and will follow different regulations in accordance with local laws. Asking these questions can help you avoid issues in the long run. The last thing to do is wait for the day of the event to understand how to use the rental dumpster.

Why Rental Sizes Matter

If you’re still unsure why you need to go about figuring out the right size dumpster rental, it’s important to know that one dumpster isn’t the same as another. Dumpsters can vary widely in size, with some being only a few yards wide while others are 40-50 yards wide. Accurately picking the right dumpster ensures you’ll save a lot of money and space at your event.

The Different Rental Sizes

To help you understand some of your options, here’s a look at some of the common dumpster sizes that people often rent for their needs and projects.

10-Yard Dumpster

The 10-yard dumpster is perfect for cleaning up spaces like large singular rooms or events with a smaller number of people. It’s not ideal for getting rid of furniture or hefty items as they’ll take up a lot of the room in the dumpster. A lot of people use these for junk removal when cleaning out a house or a few smaller rooms.

20-Yard Dumpster

A step up from the 10-yard dumpster, the 20-yard dumpster can handle about twice the load and is perfect for smaller construction projects or larger events. These are some of the most popular as they fit well in a lot of areas and don’t break the bank for the amount they hold. However, this still isn’t large enough for disposing of a lot of bulky furniture or appliances as you’ll quickly run out of room when cleaning out a whole house.

30-Yard Dumpster

When you start clearing out whole homes of old furniture or renovating a place, then the 30-yard dumpster is the place to start. The bigger size means it can handle the furniture and construction materials from those bigger projects. You’ll often see these in front of homes with foreclosures or medium-sized house renovations.

40-Yard Dumpster

The 40-yard dumpster rentals are very large dumpsters that you’ll see at major construction sites. From building construction to tearing down a place, these dumpsters will hold a lot. Full home renovations and large-scale projects use these dumpsters to carry what they need through their extended timeframes.

What the Rental Sizes Mean for You

These dumpster size comparisons might not mean much to you, but you can use them to gauge which one would be the best for your needs. If you need an easier way to consider the size, then every 10 yards is equivalent to roughly three truckloads of hauling. Understanding this will help you determine which dumpster size is right for you.

Legality of Dumpsters

The last thing you should consider when trying to order a rental dumpster is the legal restrictions and regulations on using dumpsters and throwing things away. Every city has different rules about dumpsters, but some rules are pretty general. For example, you can’t block streets with a dumpster without a permit, and not all trash can go in a dumpster. Breaking these regulations often results in a fine, so be careful and contact local authorities or research your local laws to understand what you can do.

This is everything you should know about dumpster rental and how the size impacts what you want to order. By understanding your needs and matching them to the right size, you can easily get a dumpster that will fit everything you need at your events.

If you’re looking for a 40-yard dumpster rental in Strongsville, OH, or a different size dumpster to suit your project, reach out to CLE Disposal. Our experts can help you choose the perfect roll-off dumpster for your event and ensure that cleanup goes smoothly.

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