Everything You Need To Know About Dumpster Rental Permits

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Dumpsters are very important for many different events and projects across the country. They’re the best way to deal with waste and are perfect for efficiently cleaning an area. However, you can’t just rent a dumpster in many places—you need a dumpster rental permit to put one out on your street. If you’re looking for a dumpster, here’s what you need to know about getting a rental permit.

Things To Determine First

The first thing you should do is figure out why you need a dumpster and what that means for your rental specifications. The rental purpose and plans will affect the information you need for your rental permit and may even affect whether the permit is necessary in the first place.

Why You Need the Dumpster

First, fully flesh out the reason you need the dumpster and determine the type of dumpster that suits the event. A small party or cleaning your home might only require a small dumpster, while large-scale construction may require a large dumpster. Depending on your needs, a dumpster rental permit may be unnecessary for your event and dumpster rental.

The Placement of the Dumpster

The next big thing to determine is where you will place the dumpster once you rent it. The size of your dumpster will affect where it’ll fit, which is why determining the needs of your event is the first step. If you can, it’s best to put your dumpster on your private property and keep it as close to the place you’re making the waste as possible. However, you can put them in other places with the right permits, such as the street or parking lot.

Whether You Require a Permit

The last thing you should determine is if a permit is necessary for your dumpster rental. Now, this depends on several factors, but the main two come down to dumpster location and local restrictions. Most places don’t require a permit if you can put your dumpster on your private property. However, this is subject to change depending on the local regulations of your city or town.

How To Get the Permit

Getting a permit isn’t all too difficult once you figure out the right information and how to apply. There’s typically a fee with the permit, and each city will have different rules you’ll need to follow. However, acquiring the permit is quite simple if you follow these steps.

Talk to Someone Who Can Approve the Permit

The first step is finding someone who can approve the permit, which usually means reaching out to your local government or homeowner’s association for instruction. Even if the first person isn’t the right person, they can usually direct you to the people you need to speak with. You can also often find the information online at your local governmental website if one is available.

Listen to Their Instructions

Whether you’re using their online page or are talking to someone on the phone, you should ask for instructions on how to apply for the dumpster rental permit. Listen to their instructions, as each place may use different systems for their forms and permit process. Taking careful notes will help you avoid issues caused by mistakes or misunderstandings.

File the Requisite Permit Request Form

Once you get the instructions, it’s up to you to follow them and fill out the permit request form. Most towns now have a digital form you submit online to make the process faster, but physical forms are still in use as well. Once you fill in the form, you must turn it in to the proper authorities to receive approval.

Wait for Approval

Once you turn in the form, it’s impossible to speed up the process, so all you can do is wait to hear back. Most towns and cities can handle approvals within 24 business hours, but that isn’t always the case. It can sometimes take a couple of weeks to process the form and approve the permit, so keep that in mind as you plan the event.

Information Necessary for a Permit Form

You’ll need to gather information beforehand to fill out the form and receive a permit for your dumpster rental as quickly as possible. The following information will be necessary for any permit you get, though some forms will require additional information.

Property Owner or Applicant

The first thing you’ll need is the name of the property owner or applicant renting the dumpster. This is necessary for both the rental of the dumpster and the rental form, so it should be easy to find.

The Rental Company

The form will ask that you provide the name and contact details of the company you’re renting the dumpster from. This requirement means that you need to work with the rental company before beginning the permit process. Ask the rental company for guidance about who to talk to when it comes to filing for the rental permit and for the information the form requires.

Rental Period Dates

You’ll need the dates for the start and end of your rental period for your dumpster. The dates are very important for your rental form, and defining them will help you stay on pace for whatever event you’re ordering this dumpster for. If you do need more time, you can always apply for another permit to extend the dates for the rental.

Location and Address of Rental

Finally, you’ll need the address of the location that will house the dumpster for the duration of the rental. You’ll also need a detailed description of the location the dumpster will sit for the time of the rental. This means describing the size of the rental, even if it’s a small 20-yard dumpster rental.

Understanding Local Differences

Each city is responsible for its own laws around the rentals and management of dumpsters in its jurisdiction. That’s why location plays such a significant role in the permit process. Some places will need more information, while others may not even require a rental permit. Always start by contacting your local officials about renting your dumpster. This article, along with what they say, should help you understand everything you need for dumpster rental permits.

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