Storm Debris Removal: What You Need To Know

By Cle Disposal25 Jul, 20220 Comments

After a big storm, you can expect some debris and waste to build up. If the storm did a lot of damage, you might lose furniture and other large items. This isn’t just a horrible event, but also inconvenient because you’ll need to dispose of it yourself. Luckily, you can get rid of storm debris if you know how to use storm debris removal services, which we’ll teach you here.

Keep Yourself Safe

Before you even start dealing with removing debris, you should first ensure your own safety. Storms can damage many things and create hazards in your neighborhood. Don’t clean up without first identifying these issues and figuring out how to stay safe from these hazards. Additionally, the debris can be dangerous, such as broken glass or electrical appliances. Use protective equipment to keep yourself safe while you sort through storm debris.

Sort Debris Into Categories

When sorting through the debris, you should sort it into six piles. They are necessary for disposal, and all the storm debris should go out like this. The six categories are large appliances, electronics, construction debris, hazardous waste, yard waste, and household waste. Divvy up your storm debris into these piles and put them outside for disposal.

Put Outside for Disposal

The last step when disposing of storm debris is to put all these piles outside your home near the street. Be aware that local laws may vary, but there are some general stipulations about putting out the debris. Namely, don’t block any walkways or the street. If you’ve too much debris to fit out by the road, you can always use a roll-off dumpster rental to carry your debris while following local regulations.

Now that you know about storm debris removal, you can be prepared to clean after a big storm hits. You’ll likely need to contact your local government to come and pick up the debris after you sort and put it outside.

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