What Can Go in Dumpster Rentals

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Most of the debris is allowed to be thrown in dumpster rentals. But there are some rules and regulations for dumpster rentals and we should follow them. For hazardous materials, dumpster rentals provide different services than usual to make this task safe for everyone.

However, carelessness in following the protocol can incur any penalty or even worse. To make this task safe and convenient for everyone, make sure to gain knowledge about the things you can throw in the dumpsters without giving them a second thought. Read this article to learn about them.

What Can You Throw in Dumpsters?

Common household items, for instance, clothes, personal items, houseware, etc., can be easily thrown in the dumpsters. If you are renting one then remodeling debris, drywall, flooring, siding, etc., are accepted by dumpster rentals. However, some of the other items that can go in dumpster rentals are:

Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture, for instance, chairs, coffee tables, stools, bed frames, and other items made from untreated wood are safe to throw in the dumpsters.

Household Trash

Common household garbage is safe to throw in the dumpster. Almost all the household debris is non-hazardous and safe to through in the dumpsters. These items could be furniture, regular trash, and even some appliances. Outdoor trash, such as sliding and shingles, can also be thrown in the dumpsters.

 Household Appliances

Microwaves, coffee brewers, blenders, etc., are suitable for dumpster rentals. However, there are some rules and regulations related to these items to ensure the safety of everyone. Make sure to remove all wires and other connections before disposing of them. Smaller appliances are mostly safe to throw in the dumpsters.

Alkaline Batteries

Alkaline batteries used to be hazardous in previous years. But nowadays, they are safe for landfills and tossed in dumpsters. The manufacturing companies are no longer using mercury in these batteries. This elimination makes them safe to be thrown in dumpster rentals and other wastes.

Demolition Debris

Demolition debris or debris on the construction site can be easily carried and thrown away by dumpster rentals. Items, for instance, stone, tiles, brick, concrete, etc., are safe to dispose of.

However, make sure to keep the limitations of the dumpster in your mind. Don’t overload them, as it could be dangerous for everyone.

Final Thoughts

Dumpster rentals usually accept all kinds of debris, but certain items should be strictly avoided from being thrown in them. Items that have a label containing poison, chemicals, or any biohazard symbol should not be tossed away in the dumpsters.

Remember all the rules and regulations while disposing of your debris. This will help in the safety of the environment and humankind.

We hope that this article will provide you with enough information about the things that can go in dumpster rentals. Make sure to throw only these items and avoid any hazardous items that can lead to any mishap.

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