What Kind of Waste can Dumpster Rental Carry

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You can’t throw anything or everything you have in a dumpster rental. There are certain rules and criteria by which your debris should fall. These guidelines are important for the sake of environmental purposes because improper disposal of hazardous material can be dangerous to both humans and animals.

Before discarding your waste in the dumpster, you should know what kind of waste is allowed to be thrown in it and what the regulations are concerning dumpster rental to be safe. Things that don’t pose any environmental risk are safe to discard in the dumpster. Keep reading this article to get a detailed list of all the waste a dumpster can carry.

Types of Waste that a Dumpster can Carry

Types of waste that can be discarded in the dumpster without any worries are as follow:

Household Debris

Common household trash, for instance, furniture, regular garbage, shingles, and slides, is non-hazardous and can easily be disposed of in the dumpster. However, if your materials are heavy, hire a suitable dumpster for them to avoid any inconvenience.

Wooden Furniture

Don’t hesitate to discard your wooden furniture, for instance, chairs, tables, stools, bed frames, or shelves, in the dumpster. They are completely safe to be carried by the dumpster rental. In fact, anything that is made from pure, untreated wood is safe to throw and completely acceptable by dumpster rentals.


Mostly dirt disposal is acceptable and carried y all dumpster rentals. However, if your dirt debris is contaminated soil, then it cannot be discarded in the dumpsters. This type of soil is hazardous for animals and humans both. You can search for some other options where this contaminated soil can be recycled or disposed of safely.

Electronic Appliances

Most dumpster rental companies accept the disposal of electronic appliances, but there are some conditions and rules that need to be applied before their discard. Appliances like AC units, washers, and dryers can go in the dumpster but make sure to drain out all the hazardous fluid and components from them.

If you are planning to clean out an office or house and have a large number of e-appliances, then it’s best to hire a large dumpster, as it can save you money and time.

Yard Waste

Yard waste, including brush, grass, trees, or various green wastes, can be thrown in the dumpster. But in some areas, there are some limitations regarding yard waste. Some allow the dumpster to be filled, while others limit the disposal of yard waste due to some policies of their company. However, it is completely safe for dumpsters to carry all kinds of waste material in yards.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the criteria of waste disposal in the dumpster, then almost all the non-hazardous materials are safe to be thrown. Make sure to know all the regulations of your area to avoid any inconvenience.

We hope that this article will guide you about the types of waste that a dumpster can carry easily and you will follow all the guidelines provided in this.

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